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No, no, don't change the way you link cartoons to the mail! That was
extremely cool! And it will keep you from not going to the mailbox simply because you're feeling lazy. I imagine it was a little more work. I can't recommend a particular rate of frequency, but this is a good feature applied thoughtfully.


OK, Mike! I'll try it your way one more day. Actually, doing it this way allows me to kill two birds with one stone. (No actual birds were harmed in the production of this Web page.)

I discovered A & J only a year ago and have become a big fan. Thanks for the web retrospective which gives me the chance to see how they have grown over the years. Is your aging scheme for A & J pretty much real-time? I recently wrote you to suggest more frequent appearances by Gene and friends, and (though I'm sure it's merely coincidence) in march Gene and his new "woman" friend ! I'm delighted... thanks!


The characters in Arlo and Janis age .68 years per calendar year, which would be 4.76 years in dog years. Seriously, that's not very far off, although I'm not sure about the dog years. They seem to age at roughly two-thirds the rate of real people. The cartoonist, on the other hand, is aging at roughly twice the rate of real people. It's difficult enough keeping fresh a comic strip with only four main players, counting Ludwig the cat, and if it were stuck in time I think the task would be impossible.

The recent reappearance of Gene is, indeed, a response to reader suggestions and comments emerging from the hair-poll thing and to my own instincts. I hope to see him more, but I expect he will be viewed primarily from the perspective of his parents.

My better-half, Jeannie, is the love of my life and my real-life Janis.  She's a bird watcher and professional gardener.  (She can sense me mixing up a batch of Round-Up from 50 yards.)  Anyway, it's just amazing how many times we can relate to your strip.

I have an idea for your site. Would it be possible to have only the current day's posting on the home page, and have a link to the past postings? The current format has to load the entire page, and the scroll bar is getting mighty thin.

Oh yeah....I tried your link to Radio Margaritaville, and it might not be workin', Mon!


Jay and several other readers too polite to mention the situation until it was nearly out of control have written to ask me to curtail my home page. Consider it done.

I'm afraid I put the Curse of Arlo and Janis on Radio Margaritaville. Not long after I posted a link to this fun, Internet radio station, its site stopped responding. At least for Jay and me. It was up and running again, when I last checked this morning.

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